[FAQ] Frequently Asked Questions

1. I have never used your service before. How do I apply the dog to the show?

There are THREE MAIN STEPS of application for a dog show:

    On the main page, click "I am a new user", then fill out all your data, including the password required for the next time you log into the system. These data will be displayed in exhibition catalogues, where you will apply your dog / dogs. Please remember, that User have to be owner or first co-owner of the dog (your data will be printed in the show's catalog). If you have an account in our system - you just must log in to the system, using previously given e-mail address and password.

  2. ADD A DOG
    After saving your data, click on "Add a dog" and then enter all the details for your dog. After completing the information you should add the scan of a pedigree (in JPG or PDF format).If you have more dogs, please repeat the above procedure.

    If you typed any titles achieved by a dog, you must also add the scan. This also applies to the title of the International Champion of Beauty. Only confirmed titles will be placed in the catalogue. Pedigree and titles achieved by a dog can also be sent by e-mail: info@wystawpsa.pl
    After entering the data of your dog/dogs select the exhibition you apply for, select carefully the correct class in which the dog will be shown and confirm your choice by clicking "Register a dog" button. After that your dog will be replaced to the "List of dogs registered in a show" (where you can find preview of status of you dogs)

    If you want register another dog - repeat the procedure. The system will automatically show the whole amount to be paid. After adding all dogs, click “Register - Pay on-line” and you will be transferred to the on-line payment system DotPay. Payments in EUR are accepted only by credit card.

    • The system will only allow the class application compatible with the date of birth of the dog.
    • When applying a dog to champion class, or working, be sure to add the scans of the diplomas, or to send them by fax!
    • All exhibitors registered with the Polish Kennel Club must have paid membership dues for the current year before the dog show.
    • We allow only the payments made according to the instructions provided by the system DotPay.
    • If the application is not paid according to the policy described in the system DotPay, the dog will not be placed in a catalogue, and will not be judged at the show.
    • Payments made at the exhibition will not be accepted.

2. I have already used your service and I want to register a dog for the next exhibition.
You must log in to the system, using previously given e-mail address and password. In the case you forgot you password, click "I forgot my password". If you have previously entered personal details of you and your dogs, you should only choose on which exhibition you apply your dog, choose a class and make a payment.

3. How do I receive confirmation of acceptance my dog to the show?
Immediately after applying the dog to the show and the execution of the payment, you will receive numbers of e-mails to the address provided at registration: with the confirmation of registering the dog in a show, with the confirmation of the payment (from our system and from Dotpay). After next few days (and verification of the documents) you will receive an e-mail with the confirmation of registering the dog in a show (with full data of the dog). Directly before the show you will receive traditional confirmation of acceptance via post office. 


4. I can't edit the data of my dog.
After registering your dog in any show, the data editing by user is blocked (excluding adding new titles / sending scans of diplomas). Although you can correct any mistekes by writing us an email.

5. I want to register in one show dog registered in Poland and dog not registered in Poland.
You can not pay for the dogs in two different currencies at once. At first register/pay all dogs not registered in Poland (EUR), wait a minute for changing the payment status to "Paid" and then pay/register all other dogs - registered in Poland (PLN).

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