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We want to help you effectively apply a dog for the Dog Show.
Especially for you we have developed simple application form, correlated with on-line payment for the Dog Show. We hope that our service will help you and accelerate applying dogs for exhibition.
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XXI International Dog Show
CACIB Kraków 2017

National Dog Show of Group

Polish Lowland Sheepdog Club Show
Basset National Show

We wish you many successes and a lot of fun at Dog Shows. You can find calendar of all dog shows and exhibitions regulations on the page of the Main Board of the Polish Kennel Club www.zkwp.pl

Current Dog Shows:

Name of the eventEvent DateLocation
aktu: 07.06.2017
Current updates,  plans of judging and lists of exhibitors for shows in Krakow wystawpsa.pl/krakow2017
  • XXI International Dog Show CACIB, Kraków, 17-18.06.2017
  • National Dog Show of  I, VIII,  IX Group FCI (CAC), Kraków 17.06.2017 
  • National Dog Show of  II, III, V  Group FCI (CAC), Kraków 18.06.2017 
  • Polish Lowland Sheepdog Club Show, Kraków 17.06.2017
  • Basset National Show,  Kraków 17.06.2017


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